Differences Between Online and Land Based Casinos

The internet population is growing day after day. As a result, many businesses moved their services online. This also includes casinos. The first site was launched in 1996, and since then, the development of online gambling has increased at a remarkable rate. In this article, you will discover the particularities of online and land-based casinos.

Land Based Casinos

Four walls, a roof, maybe a bar and a restaurant, sometimes a stage, and a bunch of gambling games.That’s a Land Based Casino. An establishment where you lose or win money.

You’ll get an altogether visceral and physical experience if you choose to play there.

If you want to play, you’ll have to convert your money into a stack of casino chips. They come in different colors. Each color represents a certain amount of money. However, when you do this, keep in mind that Land Based Casinos are limited when it comes to accepting currencies. Exchange your money first. Then play.

Land Based Casinos usually have a dress code. Learn it, respect it, and you’ll be able to gamble in peace. If you want to eat or drink something, you can. However, your choices are limited and often overpriced. So bring extra cash if you want to enjoy yourself.

The smoking rules are quite simple. If they let you, smoke. If they say no, then don’t.

Online Casinos

One internet connection, one laptop, and multiple web pages. That’s an Online Casino. A site where you lose or win money. They offer welcoming bonuses! However, don’t forget about the promo codes.

Here you can play from any country, with any money. Online Casinos are multilingual, and they accept multiple currencies. You’ll be able to purchase credit using euros, dollars, pounds, yens, and so on. Moreover, you’ll play with real money, not chips. You’ll be more aware of the values you are gambling with. The Casino will always display the exact amount of money you have. Maybe you’ll take your gains more seriously, who knows?

Obviously, there is no dressing code. You can wear a tuxedo, pajama, underwear or nothing. It’s your business! And you’ll be able to eat or drink whatever you want! Nobody cares about your greasy fingers. Except your wife/husband or your mother/father; but that’s irrelevant now.

Here, the smoking manner is even simpler! You set your environmental conditions. You don’t have to worry about others.

Land Based VS. Online


A Land Based Casino can have two or three persons who speak something other than English. Online Casinos are multilingual. You don’t have to worry about language and communication difficulties.


In a Land Based Casino, you’ll have to exchange your money. Multiple times, if needed. In an Online one, you’ll just have to recharge your account from time to time. Through a few clicks.

Dress Code

If you are not dressed appropriately, Land Based Casinos will not let you in. Not all of them, but a few do have a strict dress code. When you gamble online, you can do it even naked. Nobody cares.

Food and Drinks

In a Land Based Casino, the food, and the drinks can be pretty expensive. Most of the times, they are. If you gamble online, you can do so even from your favorite restaurant. Alternatively, from home. Therefore, less expensive.


When you enter a land based casino, you have to obey the rules. If you’re at home, you can do whatever you want (almost). Therefore, if a Casino tells you that smoking is forbidden, you cannot smoke.

Less Expensive

Yes, Online Casinos are less expensive! You don’t have to drive to a particular place; you don’t have to struggle to find cheaper food. You can just stay at home and be a little bit lazy.


You’ll be more private at home than in a Land Based Casino. You do know they photograph and/or film the players, right? The Online Casino doesn’t do such a thing.

Less Distractions

Land Based Casinos try to distract you, so you lose focus. Flashing lights, machine sounds, free alcohol, large mirrors, the absence of wall clocks, windows or any indicators of time. Online Casinos don’t utilize such distractions.

Anywhere at Anytime

A Land Based Casinos have a strict functioning schedule. You cannot be there whenever you want. However, Online Casinos can be played from anywhere at any time!

Better Payouts

Online Casinos don’t need to employ dealers, buy gaming tables and slot machines. They don’t need a Casino building, neither a restaurant or a bar. Therefore, they have lower costs and better payouts than Land Based Casinos.


Online Gambling can only compliment land-based revenues. You musn’t have the impression that Online Casinos are leaving people jobless and sad. In this world, there is a place for both Online and Land Based Casinos. However, most people prefer the online side because it is convenient. Sure, a trip to Vegas sounds great! Hitting the local Casinos and splurge on a few things. But it is not an everyday option.

However, an online community is always there. Furthermore, it can be accessed easily and without any fuss. That is a win for many gamblers.